Foundation Brush (synthetic)

Achieve a flawless complexion with this brush. Creates a polished look with full coverage. Just about every cosmetic line makes these but this is one of my favorites (from Bobbi Brown). you should always use one to prevent any pulling or tuggin on your skin, or the oils from using your fingers. Just a note for those of you that have used sponges…You will waste about 50% of your product this way- sponges EAT liquid makeup!



You tell me!

So now that there are a few people following 😉 Thank you by the way!

Is there any specific products you’ve been wanting to try? Or that you own and don’t know what you’re really supposed to do with it?! This would be the area to post and ask away!


So I will get some reviews of all kinds of products going over the next few weeks- but feel free to add yours if you’d like it covered!

Thanks 🙂

It’s Finally Here!!

I have finally figured out the ways of blogging! Here is just a short intro to what the blog is about so you can find it- like it and follow it!

Being a makeup artist for about 15 years now I have learned quite a  few tips and tricks! I wanted to have a place where everyday women can come for help and never feel dumb or intimidated because they don’t know how to do their makeup, or match colors, etc. I am all about making life easier (and prettier 😉 So please if you have ANY questions on makeup, skin care, hair concerns or anything in between please ask!  I am also a makeup junkie! I love to give reviews when I find an awesome new product- so watch out for those. I have so many product reviews to share with you.


Again- if there is anything you would like to know more about, just post it and we will talk about it!

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