About Julie

Welcome to my Beauty Blog:  Dedicated to my Brides-to-Be as well as anyone who has a face! No matter what your skill level is there is something for everyone covered 🙂

My name is Julie and I am a professional makeup artist.  I have been lucky enough to do what I love for a living for about 15 years now. Licensed by the state of MI I am a cosmetologist, but knew I would never work as a FT hair stylist.  Through the course of my career so far I have worked in many different areas of makeup including television (Lifetime TV), some commercial work (Chrysler training videos), I occasionally will do print work (latest was a style icon in StyleLine Magazine) and certain projects with photographers I love to work with! My focus has turned back to trying to work with strictly Brides now.  I’ve had the honor of making hundreds of women over the years look and feel amazing for the biggest day of their lives!

Being that I have been in this industry my whole life now pretty much – I have seen just about everything! I love to teach and give tips, so that’s where the blog comes in! After many clients saying “ahh, I didn’t know that! you should really have a blog of all these tips and tricks” here it is!  So this blog is dedicated to the everyday women and teens looking to better themselves and may feel intimidated going to makeup counters asking for help, etc.  I have worked at, managed and opened beauty lines so I am familiar with the Dept store tactics and how flat-out rude some can just be! Fear not- you are in good hands! I have worked/trained with Dior, Benefit, MAC, Clinique, all dept store lines, I also sold my own line of cosmetics! Again I am licensed and know my skin care and would never direct you to do something harmful.


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