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Just wanted to remind those of ya who are already signed up and following this blog that I will be giving away some makeup soon! The idea was to do a drawing when there was 100 people following but I am way to impatient 😉

I will leave this open to those of you on here… Would you rather I “pick a winner” on 11-1-12 OR just wait til we get to 100 people?? Now ya have to get involved and leave a comment!! Ha 😉

So let me know what you’d like to see happen AND what color eyeshadows you love or been wanting to try but don’t want to buy… It just MAY be in my stash!! Thanks guys 🙂


Finding the Right Foundation

I know this is an issue for everyone who wears it! The whole point of a foundation is to even out and give you a perfect complexion, and if you have the wrong color you just accentuate everything you want to hide! Keep reading for some tips and things to keep in mind when you are out shopping.

Find a Type of foundation you like.  There are so many different formulas out there and you need to know what works for you and your skin type.  Now, do you even know what your skin type is? Women tend to think they have sensitive skin when in fact they don’t at all! Same goes with people who think they are oily. Take a look below and see what skin type you really fall into.

Your skin is most likely NORMAL if –

  • Complexion is even
  • Surface is neither too oily nor too dry
  • Pores are small in size
  • Face is supple with few lines, creases and wrinkles
  • You tend to have few breakouts

Your skin is most likely OILY if –

  • Face has shine all over opposed to the just the T Zone
  • Shine seems to appear right after you wash your face (well- sometimes longer than that!)
  • Pores are visible and seem bigger than normal and/or open
  • You have frequent blemishes (blackheads and/or whiteheads)
  • Good news is.. you have minimal lines and wrinkles! (and it will stay that way when you’re 70!)

Your skin is most likely DRY if-

  • After shower you do NOT apply moisturizer and it feels like your face will crack
  • Pores are very small if not invisible
  • Complexion has a ruddy appearance
  • Cheeks and/or chin are flaky and dry
  • Face has lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

Your skin is most likely SENSITIVE or have skin allergies if-

  • You have blotchy patches (dry or red) on your face most of the time
  • You suffer from Rosacea
  • Your skin is delicate or thin (you can see veins through the skin)
  • You have quite a bit of sensitivity to multiple skin care and cosmetic products (burning or flushing), besides a known allergy (silicone, certain oils, etc)

So now that you have a figured out your skin type it’s time to decide WHAT you want your foundation to do for you. I know it can be overwhelming with so many brands, formulas, price points and all the hype about minerals! Stay tuned for a BIG blog post about the myths of mineral makeup.  I am just going to go over real quick what types of makeup do what and does it best for who!

Cream foundation gives you medium to full coverage and works great on a lot of people. I suggest normal/combo all the way to dry skin depending on how much coverage you desire obviously.

Liquid foundation comes in various finishes such as matte, satin and dewy.  Anyone can wear a liquid and is ideal for mature skin as it gives light to medium coverage but most liquids you can “build up” and get exactly what you need where you need it.

Powder foundation almost always has a matte finish because it is mainly for oily skin types.  Generally (again, depending on the brand) it gives medium coverage that can be built up, you do want to make sure you don’t over do it so it doesn’t end up looking caked or mask like.

Tinted moisturizer is a great choice for anyone that is NOT extremely oily. It gives subtle coverage while hydrating the skin and adding just a touch of color. This is a great product for mature skin as well as a summer foundation if you like the “no makeup, makeup look”!

Now I know there are even MORE on the market than what I’ve talked about, but this is a basic guide for you. If you have any specific foundation or complexion questions you are more than welcome to post them here- I’m sure someone else is already thinking the same thing 😉  I hope this helps you in your quest for finding the perfect foundation!!  Thanks for reading and please let me know if you want something else or more covered on the topic 🙂

Gel Cheek Stains – Tarte Cosmetics

These Cheek Stains from Tarte are amazing! They are also alcohol and oil free so they will not dry out your complexion OR clog pores.  The super easy to use gel can be applied right from the tube, dab with a sponge or brush and/or mix with your favorite highlighter and blend with your fingertips!  Great summer or “makeup rookie” product to brighten up your face- top it off with some lip gloss and you have a very healthy “glow” and polished look in less than 10 minutes 🙂

[R]evolution BX-145 LASH FAN

I can’t even explain how excited all of us professional MUA’s are about this new Revolution brand of brushes! They are designed by an incredibly talented, Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist (not to mention just a great all around guy!) Kevin James Bennett.  I will be reviewing more brushes from this line, but I wanted to share my favorite now.  I LOVE using fan brushes to apply mascara and now there is finally one actually designed to do just that!! It’s notched so that it coats even better and leaves lashes looking amazing.  KJ Has designed a full line of makeup brushes within the Royal and Langnickle family.  I am proud to say that I am an affiliate of theirs and if anyone ever wants to try them out, you can shop the whole [R]evolution line at a discount through my website www.JulieJabiro.com  I highly recommend ANY of these brushes for whatever level of artistry you’re at- they will last you a lifetime AND their price point is another thing you will love about them!

Happy Shopping 🙂

Benefit’s High Brow

This little gem, also known as a “Fake It” in the Benefit world is pretty much an instant eyelift!  The soft, matte linen-pink pencil looks beautiful on all skin tones while lifting and enhancing the entire eye area.  Can be worn alone or as the finishing touch of a fully made up eye!

Giveaway when we get 100 makeup junkies!

So now that I have the blog up and running AND the makeup/tanning FaceBook pages merged into one, I feel like I should celebrate 😉 haha! Really that just means that I want to give YOU something!!

I obviously write and keep up with all of this information for YOU the readers. I love to help and teach women how to do what they can to feel good about themselves.  That being said- I’d love for everyone to know about this blog so they have the opportunity to read and learn these things!  So once this blog and my business FaceBook page have 100 followers on each page- I will pick a winner from each one 🙂  Now it’s nothing major- just a little thank you from me!  I’m thinking of giving an eyeshadow from the cosmetic line I used to own (J. Layne Cosmetics).  I will post pictures of the options when it gets closer.  So please invite your friends to visit this blog and/or my Facebook page located at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airbrush-Makeup-and-Tanning-By-Julie

Thanks everyone 🙂

“Set The Stage” Face Primer

Set The Stage Makeup Primer fills, smooths and re-texturizes the skin in preparation for applying foundation. This unscented, ultra light-weight (but professional-strength) face primer goes on silky smooth before transforming into a light, matte micro-powder that provides exceptional binding properties beneath a wide-range of foundations, including cremes, powders and high-definition foundations.

Above is the official type for this product but let ME tell ya how much I love it!! First of all, Whip Hand Cosmetiques was created by one of my favorite makeup artist friends right here in Michigan 🙂  She gave me a sample to test out on my clients and see how I like it….well- I LOVE it!  A lot of women like the SmashBox Photo Finish primers but let me tell ya- This one blows them out of the water!  It only comes in clear (at least that I know of, or for now) but that’s really all you should need.  You really do only need a small amount of product to cover the entire face.  Every client (including myself) has fallen in love with this product and how velvety smooth it leaves the skin prepped for foundation.  If you are in the market for a new face primer- Whip Hand is definitely on my list of “Must Try Brands” plus you’re helping out the local small businesses 🙂

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