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I am looking for some unique and creative help 🙂  If you are already following this blog, then you know I have been a self-employed makeup artist for over half of my life!  Therefore I never had to worry about a “name” other than Julie.  Starting brand new in 2013 will be my “Bridal Agency” and that is who needs to be named ASAP! Let me give you a quick overview of what all will be happening and what services will be offered So you can hopefully help me name my baby 😉

First off I will be hiring quite a few more professionals to add to makeup that I have already established with just me.  Keeping in mind that my services have always (and will continue to be) completely mobile to pamper my brides wherever their location may be.  This is what will be available to Brides and Wedding party- makeup, hair, nails/pedicure, airbrush tanning, facials, massage, lash extensions, etc.  Also…. I am going to have a photographer on staff and available for Bridal Boudoir sessions if brides are interested and/or not offered with their photog.  He will be available basically for anything anyone would need him for!

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what I am putting together…help me name my baby 😉 haha! I have hit a creative wall and I need a very unique/ to the point/ pretty bridal kind of name.  I just wanted to throw it out there in case you find yourself daydreaming and think of a catchy name!


The Truth about Mineral Makeup!

I have been wanting to talk about this and hopefully clarify some information you may or may not have about the Mineral Makeup movement 😉

There is a lot of talk about it being amazing for you and your skin, perfect for every skin type, etc. So I wanted to be able to quote and give you 120% correct info so that you can make an informed decision and not have people and companies throwing so many myths at ya! I personally am not a huge fan of mineral (or all powder) types of makeup, but that is ME and MY preference.  I hope after reading this you will completely understand what is true and what is just a marketing ploy to get you to fall in love 😉  Now I worked with an amazingly talented makeup artist a few months ago in a workshop and he has covered this better than anyone could attempt to! Kevin James Bennett (AKA- Blenderella!) is an Emmy award-winning MUA and just an all around fantastic person!  Like I said he has written a “Truth vs. Hype” about mineral makeup and since there is no way to top what he says, I’ve decided to just put his words on here for all of you to read.  Please take a few minutes and read through all of it so that you can be a very educated consumer and know exactly what/why you are buying!

This is right from KJB’s site (and yes, he knows I posted it to mine 🙂  He is very well-educated on the subject…you should also check out his “In My Kit” page for some great product tips!

Mineral Makeup – TRUTH vs HYPE

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It’s about time we separated the truth about mineral makeup from the marketing hype.

Mineral Makeup HypeDisclaimer – I’m not a mineral makeup hater and I agree that not all mineral makeup is created equally.  Problem is, I can’t turn a blind eye to the hype coming from corporate marketing mercenaries. They churn out misleading and often subjective information as if it were indisputable truth.    They use scare tactics as sales pitches to traumatized consumers into buying their products.  They unilaterally call “non-mineral” makeup un-natural and potentially dangerous (when it’s soooooooooo un-true).

You mineral makeup marketing bullies need to think before you speak, especially when you’ve got quite a few skeletons hidden in your own closet…I’m just sayin’!

Hype – Mineral makeup is better for your skin.

Truth – Let’s rectify the biggest misconception in the makeup industry – ALL foundation is made of minerals…mineral pigments.  Did you hear me?  I said ALL foundations!  Mineral pigments such as mica, oxides, dioxides and ultramarines have been used to create color cosmetics for a VERY long time.   Red, Yellow, and Black Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium Dioxide (white) are blended in a myriad of combinations to create global skin-tone complexion products. ALSO – Mineral makeup has no special health or beauty properties and can cause problems the same as any other makeup.  They make claims about being “purer”…really?  There’s no scientific data to prove mineral makeup is more pure than other forms of foundation (because it’s not).  ALL minerals can contain trace elements of things that are definitely NOT skin friendly.  Some dermatologists try to justify this by claiming mineral makeup eliminates classic “irritants” like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives.  They claim it can be “considered” purer and kinder to the skin.  Read that again…”considered” (opinion, not fact).  Besides, some mineral makeup companies could care less about “purity” and use plenty of questionable ingredients anyway.

Hype – Mineral makeup only has “good for you” ingredients.

Truth – Some mineral makeup ingredients are definitely safer than others…but some are pretty bad if you have certain skin “challenges”. A pearlizing agent that gives most mineral makeup that coveted skin-like glow is Bismuth  Oxychloride (BO).  This common mineral makeup ingredient is actually a synthetic by-product of lead and copper, mixed with chloride and water. Because it is made from a combination of minerals, marketing and PR folks are allowed to call it natural. Problem is, it’s been revealed as a major skin irritant and can cause itching or rashes.  Even worse, used consistently on the wrong skin…it can cause cystic acne!  It’s definitely an ingredient you should avoid if you already have acne, rosacea or sensitive skin. Lovely light reflective Mica crystals (which do come from the earth) are found in EVERY mineral makeup.  But if the crystals are not milled finely enough, they can cause slight topical abrasion to the skin during makeup application (swirl, tap, buff…blah, blah ,blah).  This is very bad news for the aforementioned tender skin types.

Hype – Mineral makeup is great for sun protection.

Truth – Mineral makeup is not a substitute for actual UVA/UVB protection which should be applied at the skincare level.  I’m quite aware that some brands of mineral makeup have FDA approved ratings of 20 SPF or higher and advertise recommendations by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  However, to achieve any form of actual protection, the makeup must be applied in a continuous, opaque layer.  I don’t know many consumers who pay that much attention to their application.  Besides, that type of application would negates the purpose of mineral makeup…which is to “appear” natural looking.  Only my opinion, but it’s totally reckless of cosmetic companies to lead people into believing they’ll get adequate protection from a color makeup product…ALONE.

Hype – Mineral makeup is so pure you can wear it to bed.

Truth – Most dermatologists cringe at the thought of patients sleeping in any kind of makeup.  Dr. Dennis Gross, a NYC dermatologist and creator of MD Skincare, said in an interview, “One of the biggest mistakes women make is going to sleep with their makeup on.” Sleeping in your mineral makeup not only can create acne breakouts, but that “healthy” makeup can become impacted in pores, making them appear larger. Oh yeah, crater sized pores, so pretty…NOT!

Hype – Mineral makeup is great for every skin type.

Truth – According to a special report by beauty product expert Paula Begoun, author of “The Beauty Bible,” mineral makeup is best suited for normal to slightly oily skin.

Mineral makeup, though it absorbs oil, will “grab” and create a paste-like mess in very oily areas.  People with acne might appreciate that mineral makeup has less irritating ingredients.  But to get the coverage they need, the makeup has to be applied in multiple layers, and the result ends up looking as unnatural and caked on as any other type of makeup.

Dry skins don’t have much more success, since mineral makeup will grab just as easily on a dry patch as an oily one.  Mineral makeup also settles in and accentuates fine lines VERY easily (can I hear a “hell to the no” from those of us over a certain age).

The claim that mineral makeup is hydrating is “just ludicrous,” says Ms. Begoun. The very nature of the powdered ingredients makes them absorb not only oil, but critical moisture that every skin-type needs to retain.

The Absolute Truth – So as you can see, deceptive marketing and carefully worded claims can lead us to believe that mineral makeup is “better”.  Truth be told, while mineral makeup may sometimes have less irritating ingredients, it’s definitely NOT the best choice for all skin types.

In Closing – I’m not saying don’t use mineral makeup.  It’s one of MANY choices and might be the perfect fit for you.  I’m just pointing out that cosmetic technology provides MANY excellent makeup formulas and they’re just as good (sometimes better) than minerals alone.  Step away from the marketing hype and choose a makeup formula designed for your specific skin-type that addresses your coverage needs.

8/19/11 Addendum – Many professional makeup artists contacted me with questions about using mineral makeup for photography after I published this blog.  Honestly, I have yet to find a mineral makeup that does not “strobe” (appear whiter/lighter) when used in professional flash photography.  I always have to use a separate matting product over the mineral makeup to prevent strobing…which adds an additional layer of powder…which can look obvious if the camera comes too close.  Darker skin tone colors in mineral makeup also tend to look ashy due to the high levels of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  I stick to liquid or cream foundation for standard photo work, it’s just easier.

For Foundation reviews and references, check out  IN MY KIT.

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Finding the Right Foundation

I know this is an issue for everyone who wears it! The whole point of a foundation is to even out and give you a perfect complexion, and if you have the wrong color you just accentuate everything you want to hide! Keep reading for some tips and things to keep in mind when you are out shopping.

Find a Type of foundation you like.  There are so many different formulas out there and you need to know what works for you and your skin type.  Now, do you even know what your skin type is? Women tend to think they have sensitive skin when in fact they don’t at all! Same goes with people who think they are oily. Take a look below and see what skin type you really fall into.

Your skin is most likely NORMAL if –

  • Complexion is even
  • Surface is neither too oily nor too dry
  • Pores are small in size
  • Face is supple with few lines, creases and wrinkles
  • You tend to have few breakouts

Your skin is most likely OILY if –

  • Face has shine all over opposed to the just the T Zone
  • Shine seems to appear right after you wash your face (well- sometimes longer than that!)
  • Pores are visible and seem bigger than normal and/or open
  • You have frequent blemishes (blackheads and/or whiteheads)
  • Good news is.. you have minimal lines and wrinkles! (and it will stay that way when you’re 70!)

Your skin is most likely DRY if-

  • After shower you do NOT apply moisturizer and it feels like your face will crack
  • Pores are very small if not invisible
  • Complexion has a ruddy appearance
  • Cheeks and/or chin are flaky and dry
  • Face has lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

Your skin is most likely SENSITIVE or have skin allergies if-

  • You have blotchy patches (dry or red) on your face most of the time
  • You suffer from Rosacea
  • Your skin is delicate or thin (you can see veins through the skin)
  • You have quite a bit of sensitivity to multiple skin care and cosmetic products (burning or flushing), besides a known allergy (silicone, certain oils, etc)

So now that you have a figured out your skin type it’s time to decide WHAT you want your foundation to do for you. I know it can be overwhelming with so many brands, formulas, price points and all the hype about minerals! Stay tuned for a BIG blog post about the myths of mineral makeup.  I am just going to go over real quick what types of makeup do what and does it best for who!

Cream foundation gives you medium to full coverage and works great on a lot of people. I suggest normal/combo all the way to dry skin depending on how much coverage you desire obviously.

Liquid foundation comes in various finishes such as matte, satin and dewy.  Anyone can wear a liquid and is ideal for mature skin as it gives light to medium coverage but most liquids you can “build up” and get exactly what you need where you need it.

Powder foundation almost always has a matte finish because it is mainly for oily skin types.  Generally (again, depending on the brand) it gives medium coverage that can be built up, you do want to make sure you don’t over do it so it doesn’t end up looking caked or mask like.

Tinted moisturizer is a great choice for anyone that is NOT extremely oily. It gives subtle coverage while hydrating the skin and adding just a touch of color. This is a great product for mature skin as well as a summer foundation if you like the “no makeup, makeup look”!

Now I know there are even MORE on the market than what I’ve talked about, but this is a basic guide for you. If you have any specific foundation or complexion questions you are more than welcome to post them here- I’m sure someone else is already thinking the same thing 😉  I hope this helps you in your quest for finding the perfect foundation!!  Thanks for reading and please let me know if you want something else or more covered on the topic 🙂

Benefit’s High Brow

This little gem, also known as a “Fake It” in the Benefit world is pretty much an instant eyelift!  The soft, matte linen-pink pencil looks beautiful on all skin tones while lifting and enhancing the entire eye area.  Can be worn alone or as the finishing touch of a fully made up eye!

Giveaway when we get 100 makeup junkies!

So now that I have the blog up and running AND the makeup/tanning FaceBook pages merged into one, I feel like I should celebrate 😉 haha! Really that just means that I want to give YOU something!!

I obviously write and keep up with all of this information for YOU the readers. I love to help and teach women how to do what they can to feel good about themselves.  That being said- I’d love for everyone to know about this blog so they have the opportunity to read and learn these things!  So once this blog and my business FaceBook page have 100 followers on each page- I will pick a winner from each one 🙂  Now it’s nothing major- just a little thank you from me!  I’m thinking of giving an eyeshadow from the cosmetic line I used to own (J. Layne Cosmetics).  I will post pictures of the options when it gets closer.  So please invite your friends to visit this blog and/or my Facebook page located at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airbrush-Makeup-and-Tanning-By-Julie

Thanks everyone 🙂

Hoola Bronzer – Benefit

Ohhh Hoola Bronzer… this has been my BFF for years! This super soft and silky powder is like Barbados in a Box!  This is by far my favorite bronzer and one of the only ones on the market with absolutely NO shimmer, glitter or orange to make ya look crazy 😉  It’s also great for contouring a wide range of skin tones- use an angled blush brush and blend into hairline, pop some of Hoola’s pretty mauve sister (same cute box, named “Dallas”) on the cheekbones and you’re ready to go!

**Just a quick note about Benefit Cosmetics…They have some amazing colors that all come in those cute “Box-O-Powders” with a small brush.  Dallas is actually one of my top 5 cheek colors, and it CAN take the place of your bronzer if you need it too.  If you want to brighten up your face or have a sallow look try their Dandelion all over face powder (pale pink, can also be concentrated on cheeks for a flushed look).  If you aren’t a pink kind of gal, try using the box called Georgia Peach to totally warm up for face and give some color!

Don’t be afraid to try new colors and/or techniques 🙂 These powders are (generally the same everywhere) $28 and last about a year!


Are you planning a wedding in 2013?

This is just some general, helpful information for any Brides to Be for next year and beyond!  Wether you have just got engaged or have been planning for months, go over these questions in your head real quick.

Are you planning on hiring a professional Makeup Artist?  Here is something to think about if you are planning to.  Having a professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day is going to let you (the Bride) relax and enjoy the morning/afternoon with less stress knowing that you and all your bridesmaids will be taken care of and gorgeous!

Hiring a pro will also make a BIG difference in the photos that you will have the rest of your life.  Some girls are great at applying eyeshadow, liner, etc but there is much more to being a professional than just that skill.  There are certain products/ingredients that should not be used for events like weddings, since this will most likely be the most photographed day of your life! I, along with many other makeup artists suggest at least meeting with, inquire to or have a makeup trial done with one or more artists depending on how comfortable you are with them. Just keep in mind- We book up extremely fast for the summer months, so if you want an amazing artist for your August 2013 wedding…..I suggest ya start browsing and asking your married friends who they used!

I will have much more bridal information for you to read year round, but if you have something specific you would like to know more about how to handle – Please post it and we will cover it!  Also stay tuned as I get the blog updated with some fantastic vendors I have worked with over the years (limited to MI right now sorry!)



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