Makeup Brush Sale

Hey everyone! I know I said I would have some more recommendations on gift sets… So sorry, been insanely busy! BUT my favorite line of brushes is offering an additional 20% off through tomorrow (Sunday)! I am a “Red Affiliate” for them so the link to their page is on MY website. The company is called Royal & Langnickle and again they are on My Website where you will already receive special pricing if you shop through my link :-). My personal and professional choice is the [R]eveloution line designed by one of my favorite professionals in the biz- Kevin James Bennett!! They are so well made (and amazingly priced to begin with!) and will last you forever, with NO shedding!

So please if you are looking for yourself or a gift- click on their logo on my site and go stock up! Let me know if you need any help let me know. He also has videos on there about how to use each brush with little tips to make life a little easier 😉
Happy Shopping!!


[R]evolution BX-145 LASH FAN

I can’t even explain how excited all of us professional MUA’s are about this new Revolution brand of brushes! They are designed by an incredibly talented, Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist (not to mention just a great all around guy!) Kevin James Bennett.  I will be reviewing more brushes from this line, but I wanted to share my favorite now.  I LOVE using fan brushes to apply mascara and now there is finally one actually designed to do just that!! It’s notched so that it coats even better and leaves lashes looking amazing.  KJ Has designed a full line of makeup brushes within the Royal and Langnickle family.  I am proud to say that I am an affiliate of theirs and if anyone ever wants to try them out, you can shop the whole [R]evolution line at a discount through my website  I highly recommend ANY of these brushes for whatever level of artistry you’re at- they will last you a lifetime AND their price point is another thing you will love about them!

Happy Shopping 🙂

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