Great Holiday Sets and Palettes!!

Well ladies, it’s that time of year again!!! If you’re anything like me- getting out of the mall empty handed is pretty impossible! Hopefully I can save ya some money and frustration (and your significant other!) by telling you my thoughts and experience with any of the Holiday products, sets, palettes, etc. these companies can be pretty clever by just RE packaging standard products in prettier bows and calling it holiday! OR sometimes putting a few of the not so good sellers in a pretty box πŸ˜‰ and hoping the husbands just grab and go. Either way- we all love a deal, especially when it comes to cosmetics since they are rarely on sale and never have coupons! It’s safe to say that every cosmetic line that has holiday sets- has them out already (and some may already be sold out!). I am posting some pictures and descriptions of what it is, what’s in it and IF it’s even a good deal! This is by NO means all the good ones out there but just a few I will start with in case you are making a list for anyone ;-). Feel free to add any awesome deals you’ve come across too!

BENEFIT COSMETICS – High Flyin’ Glosses
Available at Sephora. $26

I think you have all figured out that I just LOVE Benefit πŸ™‚ they were never really about “color cosmetics” but they have done extremely well with all the ones they’ve come up with over the years. These glosses are pretty close to the full size ones and the best part is- they all have a corresponding box o powder! Definitely worth the $26 if you are a certified makeup junkie, a makeup virgin that only wears gloss, maybe a work Secret Santa (they’ve got ya covered for a non specific skin tone) and perfect for teens!

So this is just one suggestion for now since my phone will not cooperate with me! I have quite a few more that I will share this week and all the way up until Christmas. So stay tuned because there will most likely be way more than my usual 2-3 posts per week. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


The Essential Palette by Cargo

This palette is from Cargo and it’s called The Essential Palette in Warm Neutral. I LOVE this! it’s perfect for the girl who doesn’t think she knows how to do makeup! This is one of my “Go To Palettes” for just about every wedding! Cargo also makes this fool-proof palette in other neautral shades if this ones is too light/dark for your skin. Watch out because the “crease” color I think is a bit too red. just a personal opinion!Β  Cargo is sold in Sephora and Ulta now I believe, and of course online πŸ™‚

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