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Hello everyone!

I am looking for some unique and creative help ūüôā¬† If you are already following this blog, then you know I have been a self-employed makeup artist for over half of my life!¬† Therefore I never had to worry about a “name” other than Julie.¬† Starting brand new in 2013 will be my “Bridal Agency” and that is who needs to be named ASAP! Let me give you a quick overview of what all will be happening and what services will be offered So you can hopefully help me name my baby ūüėČ

First off¬†I will be hiring quite a few more professionals to add to makeup that I have already established with just me. ¬†Keeping in mind that my services have always (and will continue to be) completely mobile to pamper my brides wherever their location may be.¬† This is what will be available to Brides and Wedding party-¬†makeup, hair, nails/pedicure, airbrush¬†tanning, facials, massage, lash extensions, etc.¬† Also…. I am going to have a photographer on staff and available for Bridal Boudoir sessions if brides are interested and/or not offered with their photog.¬† He will be available basically for anything anyone would need him for!

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what I am putting together…help me name my baby ūüėČ haha! I have hit a creative wall and I need¬†a very unique/ to the point/ pretty bridal kind of name.¬† I just wanted to throw it out there in case you find yourself daydreaming and think of a catchy name!


Angled Brush

This little angled brush may not look like much, but it is one of the “Must Have Brushes” for any level of makeup!¬† The image here is a MAC¬†natural/synthetic fibre blend, which is great because you can use¬†it with powders,¬†liquid and creams.¬† Just about every cosmetic line has some type of angled brush (normally made with just synthetic fibre)¬†but I am actually a big fan of the MAC brush.¬† What do you do with this little gem you ask??? Well- pretty much any and everything!¬† The natural hair brushes are amazing for filling in¬†sparse eyebrows- because of it’s angled design and size you can make almost hair-like strokes with your powder to achieve perfect brows every time!¬† I also love using these for eyeliner ūüôā They work fantastic for the popular gel liners, OR if you like¬†very soft liner- most eyeshadows can be used wet or dry.¬† Simply wet the brush and swipe your favorite¬†eyeshadow and use it as liner (or try it dry for a very subtle look).¬† One of my favorite things to with this brush is to line the lower lashline with a darker color- it¬†gives a more finished and polished look without having to use an actualy pencil/liquid liner that can be pretty harsh.

Like I said….LOTS to do with this amazing little tool ūüôā So go pick one up this week and start playing!

Are you planning a wedding in 2013?

This is just some general, helpful information for any Brides to Be for next year and beyond!  Wether you have just got engaged or have been planning for months, go over these questions in your head real quick.

Are you planning on hiring a professional Makeup Artist?  Here is something to think about if you are planning to.  Having a professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day is going to let you (the Bride) relax and enjoy the morning/afternoon with less stress knowing that you and all your bridesmaids will be taken care of and gorgeous!

Hiring a pro will also make a BIG difference in the photos that you will have the rest of your life.¬† Some girls are great at applying eyeshadow, liner, etc but there is much more to being a professional than just that skill.¬† There are certain products/ingredients that should not be used for events like weddings, since this will most likely be the most photographed day of your life! I, along with many other makeup artists suggest at least meeting with,¬†inquire to or have a makeup trial done with one or more artists depending on how comfortable you are with them. Just keep in mind- We book up extremely fast for the summer months, so if you want an amazing artist for your August 2013 wedding…..I suggest ya start browsing and asking your married friends who they used!

I will have much more bridal information for you to read year round, but if you have something specific you would like to know more about how to handle РPlease post it and we will cover it!  Also stay tuned as I get the blog updated with some fantastic vendors I have worked with over the years (limited to MI right now sorry!)



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